Finding Peace in the Liturgy

I have been busy this past week with final exams, so my post is a little shorter than usual. Nevertheless, I hope that you find it to be helpful!

Peace is not easy to find in our modern world because our it does not encourage us to look upwards towards our eternal and unchanging God. Rather, it constantly drags our attention downwards, towards the here and now, towards success and accumulation of goods. Everything around us is changing and fleeting: if we keep our attention downward, we will not find the peace that can only be found in what is eternal and stable.

This is why the liturgy, in particular, weekly Sunday Mass, is so important. When we participate in the liturgy, we make a necessary disconnect from the ever-hectic and constantly fluctuating world that drains so much of our energy.  We raise our hearts and minds to “seek the things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God” (Colossians 1:3). The liturgy gives us the time and place to do what we are told  in Psalm 46: “be still and know  that I am God.”

The liturgy is a place of peaceful rest. As Romano Guardini put it, “the soul needs that spiritual relaxation in which the convulsions of the will are stilled, the restlessness of struggle quietened, and the shrieking of desire silenced.”

It can be hard to take time to go to Mass, and, even if we go, it can be hard to stay focused. However, if we make the effort to be there, both in body and mind, that is the first step – God will take care of the rest. Go to Mass and allow the liturgy to raise your mind to the eternal and unchanging God, in whom you will find peace.


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