Images of Mercy

I just finished up my tour of religious art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I focused on images that have to do with mercy. Five were paintings of Christ, the Face of Mercy, and seven were images of people who had experienced the mercy of Christ in a special way: St. Mary Magdalene, St. Peter, and the Samaritan Woman.

At the end of the tour, I encouraged the attendees to take some time to be alone with Christ this Holy Week and to use these images to facilitate contemplation of his love and mercy. Below you can find the images that I used. They can also be found at Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website.

These are high resolution images that should show up well on a computer, tablet, or smartphone when you click on them. I hope that you find them to be a good aid for your prayer. Have a blessed Holy Week!

The Trinity, Agnolo Gaddi, ca. 1390–96


Christ Crowned with Thorns, Antonello da Messina, ca. 1470


The Meditation on the Passion, Vittore Carpaccio, ca. 1490


The Man of Sorrows, Michele Giambono, ca. 1430


Pietà, Carlo Crivelli, 1476


Saint Mary Magdalen Holding a Crucifix, Spinello Aretino, ca. 1395–1400


The Penitent Magdalen, Corrado Giaquinto, ca. 1750


The Penitent Magdalen, Georges de La Tour, ca. 1640


The Denial of Saint Peter, Caravaggio, ca. 1610


The Tears of Saint Peter, Jusepe de Ribera, ca. 1612–13


Nicolas Poussin (French, Les Andelys 1594–1665 Rome) Saints Peter and John Healing the Lame Man, 1655 Oil on canvas; 49 1/2 x 65 in. (125.7 x 165.1 cm) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Marquand Fund, 1924 (24.45.2)
Saints Peter and John Healing the Lame Man, Nicolas Poussin, 1655


Benedetto Luti (Italian, Florence 1666–1724 Rome) Christ and the Woman of Samaria, 1715–20 Oil on copper; 15 × 12 1/8 in. (38.2 × 30.9 cm) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, Rogers Fund, by exchange, 2015 (2015.645)
Christ and the Woman of Samaria, Benedetto Luti, ca. 1715–20

2 thoughts on “Images of Mercy”

  1. Dear Eric Wandrey

    I would like to thank you for your presentation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I attended with my family and other members through the generosity of Catholic Charities Junior Board. You keep me engaged throughout the entire tour.

    Your closing message resonated into a special place for me. As a devout Roman Catholic with strong faith, I would like say this to you, “Have great confidence in God’s goodness and mercy, and He will never abandon you; but don’t neglect to embrace His holy cross because of this.”- Padre Pio of Peitrelcina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Anthony! I am so glad that you could make it to my tour, and that you found inspiration in it. Thank you for your prayers, and count on mine!


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